Office Fun With Alyka
While I was at work I decide to take a break with another co-worker. We found some dirty magazines in a empty box. So we start to look through them. It just happens that Alyka is one of the big bosses at the place I work, and she caught us looking at the magazines. Now that didn't look so good for us. She was pretty pissed at the both of us, Cause we should be working instead of looking at dirty magazines. Then she turned around and said to the both of us "If you wanted to see naked girls why didn't you come and ask to see me naked. Then she started to undress us. I think it turned her on that we were looking at the magazines. Needless to say the next thing I knew my pants where down to my knee's and Alyka sucking the both of us off! She was no rookie when it came to handling 2 guys at the same time. But no matter how good we were, she still fired our asses for slacking off.

Length 00:00 | Pictures: 75 | Starring: Alyka, Johnny Pearl, Random Dude

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