Kyanna Gets Double Team
I would like to introduce you to my friend Kyanna. Kyanna is a good friend of mine, I have know her for a few years now. Ok here's Dugmor and I double teaming her. She likes that sort of stuff, she even told us that she would like to do a gangbang one day soon. I think we can help her out. What do you think, any volunteers? She is really into kinky stuff, As you can see Dugmor and I are stuffing her pretty good. Then we pulled out the SPOON lol!!! Yes that's right we both came in the spoon. She did wanted us to feed her our cum. Well she took it and like it. Would you like to be the next one to be able to do this to her?

Length 59:51 | Pictures: 88 | Starring:Kyanna, Johnny Pearl, Dugmor

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