Scarlett Auditions Dave
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A guy named Dave wrote to me and asked if he could star in one of my movies. Apparently he had been trying to break into the business but without any luck. I personally know how hard it is for guys to break into this industry so I decided to give him his big break. I told him that it's not as easy as it looks....that tons of guys over the years have asked if they could star in movies, and only a handful could do it - maybe 1 out of 10. Nonetheless, just like 100% of them, he was sure he could do it. I warned him that if he failed me and my members that he would be punished for wasting our time.

I had the right girl for the Job too, The Beautiful Scarlett. After seeing Dave she wanted to get into his pants and see if could "walk the walk" like he could "talk the talk", but at the same time she was ready to punish him if he failed. Check out the video and see the outcome of Dave's Audition.

Length 41:42 | Pictures: 90 | Starring: Scarlett, Johnny Pearl, Dave

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